Red Bird

a play with music

written and performed by Brian Kennedy

“Every year we die a little and the world keeps On spinning... Red Bird, are you listening?  Are you there?”

What if an artist's muse was neither myth nor metaphor?  What if their relationship was truly face to face?  And if a muse ever deigned to offer inspiration, what would she demand in return?

Reviewed as “a Gothic tale for the 21st century... brilliantly dark... riveting,” Red Bird blends song and monologue into a strange and fascinating tale - that of a lonely man, in some future America overcome by calamity, discovering solace in the company of an enigmatic stranger who may be something more than human.  “Part short story, part poetry in motion, part rock opera; the sum of the whole is like stepping inside an other-worldly graphic novel.”

Song selections from Red Bird: